Brother Buster

What’s in the tube?

  • Motion Sensor
  • Arduino Nano (works with PC’s only)
  • 3 Wires
  • 1 USB cable


Assembly Instructions

First you will need a PC computer, a gmail email address and permission to download and install some software to your computer. Then follow these steps:

  1. Cut hook from top of tube
    • Cut ½” Slot in top of tube
    • Connect Arduino Nano to PC using USB Cable
  2. Download Files
  3. Install Python 2.7
  4. Install Pyserial
  5. Launch Arduino software and install
  6. Open brotherbuster1.5.ino using Arduino software
    • Set Arduino Type with Tools > Board > Arduino Nano
    • Set Arduino Processor with Tools > Processor > at328mega
    • Make Note of COMM Port Settings with Tools > Port
  7. Open using IDLE
    • In Windows Explorer, right click on and click “Edit with IDLE”
  8. Modify Python Script
    • Change Send-to email address or email to text service email address
    • Change GMAIL username
    • Change GMAIL password
    • Modify COMM port to match current comm port setting in Arduino
  9. Save to the C:\Python27\ directory
  10. Open Command Prompt
  11. From C:\Python27\ folder, type: python and hit Enter


DONE! Move on to assemble the electronics assembly using the diagrams below. If you get stuck leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll help troubleshoot.


Assembly Diagram

Brother Buster assembly diagram

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