After years of research and development, the first ever ProtoPalette met with rave reviews and great success both on Kickstarter and at the World Maker Faire in New York. Over 85,000 people at Maker Faire, including dozens of media outlets agree: ProtoPalette is a world class product.

Having met with critical acclaim, the new challenge is to build on that success, and meet demand for ProtoPalette products and content. We’ve invested our own funds in ProtoPalette, and we will continue to invest. We’re also looking for a partner. Several partners, in fact, to help spread the word, fund the growth, and guide ProtoPalette EdTech on this incredible journey of education, invention, and creativity.

Have a look at our Angel List Campaign, and contact us if you’d like to learn more. We want nothing less than to change the how the world learns, plays, and builds with Arduino. We want nothing less than to put ProtoPalette information, products, and tutorials in the hands of everyone who wants them. Join us.

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