ProtoPalette Start

Every project needs a starting point, and ProtoPalette Start is designed to be just that. Built to last and priced within reach of just about everyone, the ProtoPalette Start is your own personal launchpad for whatever kinds of electronics or programming inspiration hits you next.

protopalette start turned on

Built into the ProtoPalette Start is a bright, blue 16×2 LCD Screen that you can use to display any kind of textual information you like. There’s a 10k Ohm Rotary Potentiometer on board, a Red momentary pushbutton, a buzzer, and 15 super-bright LEDs. With just these components, the projects you can Start are virtually limitless. But wait! There’s More…

ProtoPalette Start also features Five of our Patent Pending Module Swatches. With these five swatches, you can add whatever other sensors you need for your project. Everything on ProtoPalette can be solderlessly wired back to the built-in breadboard, and whatever micro-controller you love best.  And yes. We believe that “solderlessly” is a word.

With endless possibilities, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Not with ProtoPalette Start! We are constantly producing Arduino, ProtoPalette, and other Project Lessons that you can watch online or download absolutely free.

Know it all already? We’d love for you to join the ProtoPalette community by uploading your own projects, tutorials, creations, questions, and ideas for ProtoPalette Start, or any of our other products. Information wants to be free. We want to help make it that way. That is what ProtoPalette Start is all about.

Here’s The Awesome Feature List:

  • • 1 16×2 Backlit LCD Display with Patchbay
  • • 1 Buzzer with Patchbay
  • • 1 Momentary Push Button (Red) with Patchbay (DO push the red button!)
  • • 1 SPDT Toggle Switch with Patchbay
  • • 1 Linear Rotary Potentiometer (10,000 ohm) with Patchbay
  • • 1 400-Point Breadboard
  • • 5 ProtoPalette Velcro Swatches with Patchbay
  • • 5 Red LED with Patchbay
  • • 5 Green LED with Patchbay
  • • 5 Blue LED with Patchbay
  • • 1 ProtoPalette Velcro Microcontroller Stage

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ProtoPalette Pro

ProtoPalette makes building with Arduino easier and more fun!

protopalette 2.0


A completely portable, fully customizable platform lets you make gadgets with Arduino* quickly and easily. ProtoPalette is moldable to your unique style. It inspires you. ProtoPalette actually helps you think through and test your ideas, from the most basic, to the wackiest stuff ever. Wherever you want to go with your electronics inventions, ProtoPalette is the system that gets you there.


  • • 3 Momentary Pushbuttons with Patchbay
  • • 1 Latching SPDT Toggle Switch with Patchbay
  • • 1 Momentary SPDT Toggle Switch with Patchbay
  • • 1 Linear Rotary Potentiometer (10,000 ohm) with Patchbay
  • • 1 Logarithmic Rotary Potentiometer (10,000 ohm) with Patchbay
  • • 1 Linear Slide Potentiometer (10,000) with Patchbay
  • • 2 Lighted Rocker Switches with Patchbay
  • • 2 Thumb slide Joysticks with Patchbay
  • • 1 Servo with Patchbay
  • • 1 Stepper Motor with Patchbay
  • • 1 Buzzer with Patchbay
  • • 1 Gyro/Accelerometer Module with Patchbay
  • • 1 Tilt Module with Patchbay
  • • 1 Ultrasonic Module Distance Measuring with Patchbay
  • • 1 Compass with Patchbay
  • • 1 400-Point Breadboard
  • • 13 ProtoPalette Velcro Swatches with Patchbay
  • • 7 Red LED with Patchbay
  • • 7 Green LED with Patchbay
  • • 7 Blue LED with Patchbay
  • • 8 Piranha RGB LED with Patchbay
  • • 1 ProtoPalette Velcro Microcontroller Stage
  • • 1 RF Antenna Mount
  • • 1 Storage Draw
  • • Optional Battery Bay with Patchbay
  • • Optional Modules with Patchbay
  • • Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Detector
  • • VGA Camera Module
  • • RF Receiver

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So far we have two models in the ProtoPalette family. We started off designing for Maker Masters with the ProtoPalette Pro. The aim was to put EVERYthing a Maker could want to prototype with on one device. With the Pro you should be able to create anything.

We also want to help new Makers transition into the community so developed the smaller, more elegant Start model. If you're a beginner or novice prototyper we highly recommend you, well, start with the Start.

Rules are meant to be broken though! If you're a Maker supreme that can see everything they need on the Start we're sure you'll make it sing and beginners who know they're going to be innovation masters of the future don't let us hold you back!

protopalettes start and 2.0

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